Jeff Bezo’s life and family

Who is Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezo’s life and family. Jeff Bezos is the new world richest person in the world. He is the owner of the world Wide famous online shopping company in the world. Amazon totally changes the way of shopping.

Jeff Bezo’s life and family

Jeff was born on12th Jan 1964 in the new Mexico of United States of America. When he was born his mother is only 17 year old studying in high school. His fathers name is journoes who left his son and wife after 18 month of Jeff’s birth.

Jeff Bezos divorce

Bezos the richest person in the world has finally Announced the divorce after 25 years of marriage with his wife Mackenzie Bezos. The announcement of the divorce is revealed on 9th jan 2019. But they did not provide any reason for doing so.

Jeff and his wife

How Jeff becomes famous and rich

Since childhood Jeff has a huge interest in gathering information about new things. He used to open his toys apart and try to know how the toy works. Jeff also have internet in science. In1994 Jeff works in computer and science in wall Street. He than also works in many companies but then he realise that how long he gonna works under others. That’s why he decied to start his own business. Then he starting travelling in the cities of America. To know about the demands of the people and he find out that the craz of internat is increasing very rapidly. And then he left his job and starting selling books online. After some time with some employees and the help of his family he started a small company called cadabara.Jeff Bezo’s life and family.

But after some time he chang the name into Relentless. Com. But in 1995 he finally changed the company name into Amazon. Com.

Which is derived from a river called Amazon in America. And in 2 month after starting business Amazon sells his books in abortion 45 different countries. And starting earning 20,000$ every week. Amazon never look forward and become the world largest online selling company in the world.

Jeff Bezos net worth

Jeff Bezos have a net worth of 105 billion dollars which he earnes from his sales. Now after divorce Jeff Bezos net worth should be effect. Jeff Bezo’s life and family