How Mi Band 3 Can Help You Predict the Future

How Mi Band 3 Can Help You Predict the Future. As you know that mi has also launch 2 more bands and this is the third band of mi as related to fitness. And the me band is the one of the best fitness bands present in the market and the prize range is amazing. and also it comes with the simple box which contain the the capsule like things and the band and the charging cable and if you can loos it you can not charge your me band. so be shore that you could not loss the charging cable.

how to use me band 3
how to use me band 3



Mi band three are concist up of a sort of new featurs and main is full touch screen and a amazing feature is it can find your phone by click on it. now some features of how to use mi band 3

how to use me band 3
how to use me band 3
  • full touch screen 0.77m
  • fully water prove
  • auto heart rate senser with auto
  • steap counter
  • caluri burn tracker
  • stop watch
  • phone finder
  • weather is also show
  • notification
  • text message read is alslo possible
  • alarm


And also it comes with the a new curve desine and it can fit into the mi band and does not come out easy and it is water prove upto 50 m.

how to use me band 3
how to use me band 3


FIRST of all it does not lounched in all over the world and it can to be order from the some websites like banggoods and many other websites. it is a chines version but does not need to wary it also support english. now lets come on our topic you can get it in a simple box and you can get the sapsue and the band and a charging cable and a user manual gide to read not first of all charge your band to 100% before your first use. and it has a battery back up of 20 days but it may be depend upon your use.

how to use me band 3
how to use me band 3

what it can do


  • First of all it can track track your daily activity
  • IT can track your sleep patern and also how the sleep is deep
  • it has a stop watch which can help you in running.
  • It has a auto heart rate senser which can messure hert rate it self
  • If you can forget your phone it can find it
  • it has an adwance notification
  • It has also a alarm function
  • It is fully water prove up to 50 m


its a nic product to buy