How Mi Band 2 are Making the World a Better Place

How Mi Band 2 are Making the World a Better Place.This post is about how to use me band 2 it is a nic product for a fitness lover person.


Mi band 2
Mi band 2

how to use mi band 2. AS the name represent the it is a mi product it is the second band of mi this band is different from the mi band  1 because of some of the features one of the  main feature or different is it has a led scren and heart rate senser.



  • steap count
  • heart rate senser
  • pedometer
  • alarm
  • call alert
  • digital display
  • time
  • bluetoth 4


indide the box

The box is very simple and the things you can get inside of it is


  • band
  • mi itself
  • charging cable
  • user manual gide


when you can open the box you can get the mane capsule typr thing and also the band before you can use it first time. you can have to charge it to 100 and then you can have to put in charge and charge it and then ware it and then connect it with the real mi fit app and then use it you can monetre every movemnt of your body an and be sure that you can never loss the charging cable you can never charge it after loss.


how to connect steep by step

how to use me band 2
how to use me band 2
  • first of all remove the tracker and fit it on the band
  • but before use you can have to charge it to 100 pecent
  • Take a android phone who have android phone version more then 4
  • Download mi fit app
  • to pare it press the midd. butten and pare it
  • after paring you can see your activity of the last some days
  • It can count you staaps and also sleap time
  • it can count the sleep time more accuret then stepd count


The only draw back is it can cause raties on your hand and it is loos after some time it is a very nicee product then that of mi band 1 and it has a back of 15 days and it has a 60 ampar battery and a miny led display.

if you can want to buy it you have to pay 1800 insian rupe of 17 dolers in foren it is not the exet prize but it is around it the main resion to buy it you have to fitness lover

A new verson pf it is also come in market soon it is mi band three it is a very nice  product for the sports lover and for the gamers. i am also weating for the mi band 3 to lounch.